Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston… do you plan on a trip together?


Brad Pitt Credit: SAG

Jennifer Aniston


Brad Pitt

continue to what to talk about since that unforgettable public outreach in the

awards SAG

and their exchange of glances

at the Golden Globes

. To see them together always causes a sensation and all the followers of this former spouse still retain hope to see you all again together and in love.

As has already happened in other occasions, resurface the

rumors of reconciliation


according to The Mirror

would be planning a

holiday together


They were married for five years and although they are separated for 15, even are magnets that attract waves of rumors every time he sees them together. According to the british newspaper, a source close to the actors said that both are planning a romantic getaway: “Brad and Jen have a appointment in secret to celebrate the victory of Brad at the Oscars.

Have plans to spend some quality time together

in an exclusive hotel, because it is the only place outside

where they are guarantees them the anonymity they need


In addition

The Mirror

reports that Aniston and Pitt are in a great personal moment, since they left behind old grudges, and restarted a relationship of friendship that could be mutating into a new opportunity loving: “Jen is so happy with how Brad turned out to be one of the stars most relevant of Hollywood”. In this sense, the same source says that the actors are planning to extend their

relaxing days in Mexico

. ”

Want to take a trip to Los Cabos

, and are organizing the logistics to coordinate the two destinations. They are excited to spend some time together now that the craziness of the awards season is over.”

Let us remember that Pitt spoke with humor about her love life before the attentive gaze of the actress during his acceptance speech at the

Golden globes

: “I wanted to bring my mother, but I could not, because

with anyone who is standing next to me say that I’m going out

. And that would be uncomfortable.” Aniston was taken by the cameras in that moment and was tempted by the comments of her former husband.

Nor is it new that the actress who gave life to Rachel in


keep a bond of friendship with their ex-partners: even today exchanged funny messages on the social networks with your former spouse, Justin Theroux. The same thing happens with Pitt, since he divorced Angelina Jolie in September 2016: the actor was present at the party where

Aniston celebrated her 50 years

and also

at a christmas party


As learned in previous years, it was not easy for the actress to forgive your ex: even though you always were very secretive about their relationship, it should be recalled that the actor began dating Angelina Jolie shortly after whitening his separation from Aniston. However, with time they were able to smooth things over. People magazine said a few months ago:”

Brad asked for forgiveness for not having been the husband that she deserved

after divorcing Angelina. It was when he began to trace his life away from addictions.”

Brad Pitt spoke about the impact of their encounter with Jennifer Aniston in the awards SAG – Source: Entertainment Tonight


There are many years and the experiences that each one went individually, but now they are both single, and the rumors of reconciliation are the order of the day. The collective desire of which one of the couples golden Hollywood returns to bet on the love is strong, and the chemistry that they convey on the screen also.