Britney Spears boasts its new look with a tassel during the quarantine period for coronavirus



The coronavirus departed millions of people out of their routines and conventional. Adapt to stay more time at home is a priority to prevent contamination of COVID-19… but it is not an easy task for all.

Some of the testimonies on social networks emphasize problems “everyday,” which before were raised by only a few. The hair for example, is a whole topic, and want to cut it at home by necessity or desestrés becomes an ongoing discussion.

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Nicoleta Ionescu via Shutterstock

Although the tutorials abound on the net, the fear of not getting the desired result is imminent: how many times it has been seen that a fringe bad cut can become the greatest of the fails?

Go to the aesthetic is not a realistic option in many places, so many celebrities boast about their looks home-made, or well, their best hairstyles are relaxed. At this point, it highlights the princess of pop: Britney Spears.

For months, the postings of the singer turned trend, because it leaves virtually see everything he does from his own quarantine.


Some days ago, the interpreter of I’m a Slave 4 U be honest on Instagram and spoke about his new look with fringe:


Who would have thought that the bangs could make you look much younger? I stopped having bangs in the 3rd grade and I remember it like it was yesterday: I was not pretty enough.

britney spears red carpet
Jon Kopaloff

Britney took up a look that reminds him of his days of “ugly duckling” in her own words, but encouraged all of his followers to always try out styles that I liked, no matter what. All to strengthen your confidence:

quote (When I was a child) had teeth are ugly, and I felt like an ugly duckling. Despite not being enough linda, I got a fringe and it looked really bad (cutting in if)… but I felt beautiful. I think he knew that I couldn’t see well, but I did it because I felt good… and has been since then.

Also a model to be happy with your look current. Carries with pride, and demonstrates that the security is the best weapon in the theme of beauty. Well done, Britney!

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