But what are you doing? Look at the antics of Shakira about this artifact


Shakira never ceases to surprise all their fans with their super powers. Look at her practice this sport without faults or errors it Is fantastic!

The years pass and Shakira continues to accumulate abilities and skills which seem more like super powers than anything else.

We already know that is a dancer of Arabic dance modern and spectacular, and your voice sounds like the same gods, but what we didn’t know is that it also practiced this sport urban.

In a recent video he posted on his Instagram, we see Shakira climb a skateboard, and not only that, but it can also do stunts while doing so.

In fact, in the short video, you’ll see bending over while the skateboard is to play on the move without falling or losing balance-it Is fantastic!

We’ve also seen practicing football with her husband, the player of world-class Gerard Pique and to his sons, who from an early age I take a ball, as if they had been born with one.

In addition, Shakira, who had already passed the barrier of 40, is still dabbling in the music world, and although I have not put out an album of his own, he has managed to keep within the billboards music with collaborations with emerging artists such as Anuel AA or Camilo Echeverry.