Cara Delevingne reveals that she was discriminated against by Harvey Weinstein


The model spoke with Net-a-Porter where she talked about the comments that Weinstein we did when Face she was starting her career as an actress.

Delevingne 27 years old, is sentimentally linked with Ashley Benson from a year ago, and commented as follows:

One of the first things Harvey Weinstein said to me was: you’ll Never get this industry, as a gay woman: ponte beard.

He also mentioned that on one occasion, he received a call from Harvey. He asked things intimate about the women that Face he had come out in the past. She decided not to answer, and before hanging up Weinstein asked if he was gay, because she never would get the role of a heterosexual woman in Hollywood.

Years later, the model was invited to the hotel Harvey for a meeting. The man invited her up to his room, but the actress refused. The wizard of Face persuaded her to climb. When he joined he says that he felt relieved to see that it was not the only woman, as that was someone else.

Do you know the story?: Friday the 13th: why is believed that are of bad luck?

The moment became uncomfortable when the mogul asked the two girls began to kiss. Delevingne to see this, we invaded the nerves and began to sing. Got up and left, but not before realizing that Harvey the reached to try to kiss her.

Subsequently, many women came out to accuse Harvey Weinstein of abuse. In January 2020 Harvey will go to trial, although he has been declared innocent, the testimonies of the girls, say otherwise.