’causes’ a photo session outside of your home to be perfect


Kylie Jenner not remain with arms crossed after being criticized for his ‘scruffy’ look when you visit your friend Stassie (although for us it showed a real woman) as it was captured by the paparazzi without makeup or extensions, and completely natural. This unleashed a series of willful and malicious comments on the internet that put in evidence the contrast of the physical appearance of Kylie Jenner in real life vs. what we see on Instagram.

However, according to theories of Twitter, it is believed that Kylie Jenner orchestrated a revenge, subtle to those who noted his appearance and created a photo session with their ‘enemies’ paparazzi outside her house to be perfectly made-up, groomed and sexy for the whole world. It as seen on social networks! Since a few days was captured as well:

And then he saw as well:

It is observed to a Kylie Jenner very neat, no clothes and relaxed with a sexy attitude (although aware of the situation of a pandemic because it included face mask in their pictures) so several fans reported that the famous ‘managed’ to achieve this session as if it were something very natural, but the result was extremely worked. But, many have defended the famous and expressed how hard it must be to face these criticisms: ‘Kylie Jenner created their own photos as ‘natural’ because the harassed after the images of her without makeup went viral. The fact that he is a celebrity does not mean that you will always be “ready for a photo” 24/7. She still has feelings’.