Cody Simpson and the new song that she wrote for Miley Cyrus

But the more tender, perhaps, is this: ‘I sing softly, to the last light of the day and the birds of the choir, on the heights of the night… and if we could be heard, for whatever that’s worth, in the sky you, you would cry’.

How did you react Miley to listen to the song of Cody?

It seems that she liked both the musical theme, inspired in her, that do not hesitate to upload a photo of your neck (in the seen part of his hair and necklaces, and that Cody posted on Instagram and has been used as refrencia visual of the song) to recommend the song to their fans.

‘My heart’was the message with which Cyrus accompanied the history of Instagram in which he asks his followers to slide and listen to ‘Golden Thing’.

But the new couple doesn’t seem to be the only one happy with his new love “their families also seem to take joy in them!

‘It makes Me smile to see them so happy…’Hear their laughter and see the smiles on their faces lights up my heart’, wrote the mother of the actor australian in one of the photos that you shared, where appear, Cyrus and Simpson.

The image is black and white, and in it, Miley appears hugging his boyfriend by the neck. The great smile that you have these celebs in the picture it is impossible to disguise! So now we know what you think about the new mother-in-law of Cyrus of her.

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