Control Z: The power of undo


The command of computer Control + Z allows us to undo any action performed. To return to the past and start again. And that is the desire of all the characters in the series of the same name. The problem here is that everything was fine, but they undo their reality. And as return is not possible, follow the mystery and face the consequences.

The series, newly released on Netflix, is a bet in Latin the genre of the thriller and the drama teens, a formula that has already worked for the company for streaming. Among its outstanding productions are 13 reasons why, the Elite, The Society, On my block and This shit surpasses me.

Control Z is performed under the control of Lemon Studios, which has the guardianship of Fernando Rovzar, co-founder and director, who have as previous work Monarch, a series which also has creative involvement (and monetary) Salma Hayek.

In the National College the stories that bind the characters are not simple dramas adolescents. The perfect life behind the boys of the upper middle class is a farce that is only in social networks. Behind their happy selfis there are dark secrets that are being discovered little by little by the Internet.

We all become victims of a hacker who in networks calls @_todostussecretos_, which is responsible for bribing and destroying the relationships between Xavier, Sophia, Gerry, Isabela, Paul, Maria, Raul and Natalia. The actors who make up the cast of Control Z are Ana Valeria Becerril as Sofia Herrera, Michael Round as Javier Williams, Samantha Acuña as Alex, Zion Moreno as Isabela From The Source, Yankel Stevan as Raul de Leon, Fiona Palomo, Macarena García as Natalia Alexander.


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The new promise

“There are hidden messages, but they are not as moral. We bring the message that bullying is violence and it has serious consequences, you have to be a little more aware and careful with what we get on the networks, for example,” explains Ana Valeria Becerril, who plays Sofia on the series that stars.

She debuted as an actress in the Cannes film Festival in 2017 with the film The daughters of April, the mexican director Michel Franco. By that tape won the Ariel Award, the highest recognition for actors in Mexico and he received it in the category of best female revelation. Ana Valeria not stop believing in the academy, that is why he continues studying theater even though you have the doors open for large projects.