Cynthia Erivo is showcased with its presentation in the concert of the National Day of the Fallen


The singer shook with his intonation of great musical hits.

Cynthia Erivo has managed to make its own place in the art world effort and dedication to perform his job, for his fortune all these attributes gave him a lot of recognition on the part of their fans and even some of his colleagues.

One of the major projects of the celebrity, without a doubt arrived with her embodiment of Celie in the theatrical show entitled “The Color Purple” which was held in the year 2015.

This production gave him to be deserving of numerous awards, including a Tony award, in the category for best actress, when she starred in the musical mentioned above.

However, not only develops his career in the industry acting, but that has proven to be a multi-faceted, using his great voice to delight us with spectacular songs.

On this occasion, his musical side was what led to the artist to cause feelings in many of the viewers that were watching his concert commemorating the “day of memory”.

At the end of last week, the british choreographer he participated in the transmission of the show organized by the National Memorial Day Concert 2020, and there woke thousands of compliments for their vocal intonations.

The presentation lasted around 90 minutes and in the same the famous 33-year-old he performed the version of Mariah Carey’s song “Hero”, and also shared the melody of “Bridge Over Troubled Water”.

Cynthia Erivo he was not only invited to this musical show, but it was accompanied by prestigious artists, such as, for example: Renée Fleming, Tony award-winner, Kelli O’hara, Christopher Jackson, among others.

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