Daniel Crazy Town behind Girl Gente de Zona


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Daniel Crazy Town he decided to expand his horizons. That is why it is filed in united States at the beginning of the year, thus taking his first friction with the record label Sony Music as producer and composer.

Of the hand of the producer Echo “The Lab” worked on the subject BomBom for the peruvian Leslie Shaw. “After living in Miami I’ve managed to show my issues directly to Sony Music, where I had the opportunity to be in the studio with Randy Malcom, Echo The Lab and Alejandro Pututi to see the process of recording vocals for the track “Girl”, by Gente de zona feat the famous Becky G”, account.


“This song definitely brings me a lot closer to the dream that I had that day in my house, in the makeshift studio that I set up in my room, so many hours of sleep sacrificed for this moment,” he adds, with emotion, at the same time giving credits of composition to your peers Pucho and Tucutu.

However, this is not the first international achievement with the account Daniel Crazy Town.

In its broad portfolio of clients include the names of J Quiles, Lionel Ferro, Juan de Dios Pantoja, Kimberly Loaiza, Itzza First, Farina, Pucho and Tucutu, to mention a few.

Although the goal of this producer is to expand your portfolio of clients in the international market, Daniel Crazy Town you do not want to move away from the world of music in Venezuela, for it invites all the talents who like to work under your production to contact you through your social networks.