Demi Lovato becomes the spokesperson of the LGBT community+ in this campaign

One of the consequences most relevant to the current health crisis is the radical change in the tools of promotion of classic brands. From one moment to another, the scenario of health required companies to use new narratives and strategies of distribution for almost any campaign. The above is especially true for events and celebrations for years these agents have decided to hang up. For example, the Month of LGBT Pride+.

In general, this month is celebrated throughout the world with great parades, showing it to the four winds the enormous diversity and passion of this community. However, considering the health recommendations to protect the population of the virus, in this occasion it will not be possible to do these celebrations. Even more important, for the marks is not enough to simply join one of the many marches. Must now consider how to modify your campaign’s pro-LGBT+.

Among the first, most brilliant examples comes from the organization The Trevor Project. The brand just released its campaign for the Pride Month with a powerful message about the value of LGBT+. Narrated by Demi Lovato, the video reaffirms that it should not define the value of this celebration for parades, marches and parties that used to be seen in other years. But for the pride of its members and the sense of belonging that convey.

New patterns for a campaign commercial

Of note is that some companies have managed to adapt very effectively to the new reality of the pandemic. Dove, for example, has been able to connect with their community through the new rituals and challenges of daily life in quarantine. Michelob Ultraon the other hand, has opted to the huge expectations before the eventual return to normalcy. It is also the case of LEGOthat with all and the running of the bulls, he shot a campaign with the ordinary quality.

Related notes

But you have to accept that this Prime Month which is about represent a new challenge for brands. In the last few weeks most of the brands have focused almost every new campaign on the impact of the COVID-19. While there are a couple of initiatives that tried to conform to the “calendar of events” as usual, it really was not necessary. Now that slowly the people return to normalcy, but living with the pandemic, the dynamics will be different.

Now brands will have to understand how to reformulate his message for Pride Month, without stopping to consider the context of the pandemic. The campaign of The Trevor Project, in this sense, it will serve as a good point of reference. All brands must recognize, tacitly or implied, as to the existence of the health-care context. But her narrative cannot focus on that topic, but about which they are talking about. In this case, the LGBT+.

Attempts to reference

As already said, the campaign of The Trevor Project is not the only one that has been launched during the pandemic, and makes reference to an event. For example, Oikos they hung up the NFL Draft to launch a moving spot about feelings of the major players of american football. Instead Etsy launched an emotive, inspiring advertisement to announce its spring collection. And in his time, Visa decided to make reference to the Olympic Games with a simple project.

What is certain is that this type of campaign is the only thing that does is reaffirm the importance of the seasonal marketing in the promotion strategies of the companies. In accordance with Talonallows brands to attract new attention and recognition to your business massively. Breeze People ensures that people also tend to spend more on these celebrations. By your side, Kensa he points out that it is also an unparalleled opportunity to reward loyalty.

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