Demi Lovato, Resident, Anuel AA and more celebrities react to the death of George Floyd


The death of George Floyda man of african-american, who died last Monday, may 26th in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after a white police officer would leave him immobilized, is causing outrage.

Through social networks, began circulating a series of images in which we can observe the time at which the officer placed his knee firmly on the back of the neck of the man, 46-year-old, as she moans in pain and begs for that release.

In accordance with information of NBC Newsuntil the moment four police officers were dismissed, and the facts continue to be investigated by the FBI.

This Tuesday began different manifestations to ask for justice for George. Even, a number of celebrities joined together and they lifted up their voice publicly to show his support for Floyd and his family.

One of the first to react was the screenwriter african-american Ava DuVernay, who turned to her Twitter account to denounce the abuse that was suffered by George.

“You deserved it your breath, your dignity, your life. Not to die in the street, killed by the knee of a white police officer in your neck,” he said.

“You deserve our tears, our prayers, our anger, our action. We must act, for you and for all those who do not have cameras present,” he said.

In Instagram, Demi Lovato he pointed to the death of George as an act of racism and believes that “the black community lives in danger.”

“This is not right. And will not stop until everyone to do their part. Especially the whites,” said the singer of 27 years. “What I said recently and will say it again, don’t let your discomfort about the social problems stop you from speaking in defense of those who are in danger,” he said.

Resident published the harrowing video, and it was accompanied by a call to all the Latin community to seek justice in memory of Floyd.

“This criminal act has to be condemned! I ask all the Latin american community in the united States, please move until the police murderer, Derek Chauvin, is in prison,” he wrote.

Through the stories section, Anuel AA he made a strong criticism of the police. “The biggest mafia in the world are the cops… If it had been the other way around gave him 30 years or life in prison to the man. God must be very disappointed of this world,” he said.

Anuel AA you say about the death of George Floyd
Photo: Instagram/anuel

The supermodel british Naomi Campbell he also shared his feelings and said he was tired of knowing that the “people who die unnecessarily.”

“I don’t have words. I’m tired of this, tired of being sad because our people are dying unnecessarily. Harassed and humiliated in these difficult times, I thought I would join, but it seems that this coronavirus has purchased more racism in a major way,” he said. “I’m black and I’m proud of,” concluded strong.

“This just burns”, tweeted the actor John Boyega. “It seems to be a never-ending cycle. The killers should be charged severely. Even facing death, this man received zero empathy,” he wrote.

Luis Fonsi also spoke out against the injustice that he was the victim the man originally from Houston, Texas.

“I can’t get this image out of my head! I cannot keep quiet either. Die every day innocent people by the color of their skin. This man was murdered. Your life mattered. Rest in peace,” said the interpreter a puerto rican.

Eva Longoria posted a photo of George and wrote a profound message: “it hurts Me to the heart every time I read the news! When is it going to stop this?… We are all humans that deserve to be protected, not killed,” said the actress.

Penelope Cruz, Marc Jacobs, Jessica Alba, Zoe Kravitz, DJ Khaled, Roselyn Sanchez and Michael B. Jordan were other artists who protested against the death of african american man.

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According to the local newspaper Star TribuneGeorge Floyd lived in St. Louis Park, a suburb of Minneapolis, and was nicknamed Big Floyd.

Worked in the restaurant latino of Minneapolis, Conga Latin Bistro and employee safety, according to told the owners of the business.

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