Demi Lovato speaks about her mental health before the Grammys and the Super Bowl


On the eve of his return to music after a serious health crisis caused by a drug overdose a year and a half, the singer-songwriter Demi Lovato spoke this Friday, bluntly, of their mental health problems, their plans music, his childhood in front of the cameras and their dream of having children.

In an interview published today in the New Music Daily on Apple’s Beats One, the artist of mexican descent revealed that in the hard period that followed his dangerous overdose of fentanyl -July 24, 2018 – learned “important lessons of life.”

One of them was that he came to use “music as a huge crutch (…). It has been therapeutic, but even the music has a limit. One has to take the responsibility and have the initiative to seek the necessary help,” he revealed.

It was what you did and what, according to her, has enabled him to gain enough strength to feel “healthy” today and present their new single “Anyone”, on the stage of the edition 2020 of the Grammy, delivered this Sunday in Los Angeles (USA).

“I feel that I have been waiting for this moment for a long time (…). Only a fraction of my story, but it’s a bit that lets you see the world in that I’ve been living.

Lovato revealed that they had recorded the vocal part of the subject four days before his overdose and then “the lyrics took on an entirely different meaning”.

The singer added that today sees them as “a request for help. The you hear and you wonder how is that nobody said after hearing the song ‘let’s help this girl’,” he said.

Came back to listen to “Anyone” a week after leaving the hospital and at that time he said: “if ever I recover from this I want to sing this song”.

So, a year and a half after, it will do so in front of their peers, the top executives in your industry, people you admire and the millions of people who will see the tv transmission and the internet.

The presentation, he says, the has made “a sea of nerves”, but at the same time said: “I’m grateful to have this opportunity to tell you a little of my story.”

During their therapy, Lovato learned to recognize the moments that make it more vulnerable to their addiction, such as the day after a big event like the Grammys or her next participation in the Super Bowl on February 2, when she will sing the national anthem of the united States.

“Maybe those days I will meditate a little more,” he said. He also said he had warned his team to be attentive “to any thing”.

With these mechanisms in foot, Lovato feels superemocionada when you think of it in the future. “It would be wonderful to be able to build a family and have children”, he confessed.