Discover ‘strange figure’ hidden in a picture of Jennifer Lopez


Through its account of Instagram the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, he shared one of his photographs in the space where you perform your exercise routines, but this time, it was not his statuesque figure and called it to the attention of their followers.

The more retailers highlighted a strange figure who would hide in the shadow of the artist and not left to spend for something despite the fact that it is not very obvious.

The figure, which would be of a man, appears at the bottom of the image, detail that many catalogued it as a fact paranormal of that, or she herself would have noticed.

There are several speculations, including the middle Daily Mail, he pointed out that it could be the personal trainer of the singer who, possibly, would be with her during this quarantine, taking into account that through their social networks often share multiple photo and videos of exercise routines that would be quite demanding.

In the entertainment portal E!, got another version and that it could be a man who anticipated a video-conference with the promised of Jennifer, Alex Rodriguez.

Others commented that they also could have tried the same ex-baseball player who just snuck into the photo without Jennifer noticing.

In the midst of the speculation about the strange figure, there were those who didn’t pay much attention to this detail rather than spectacular, and marked abdomen of the actress that left her sighing more than one.

For its part, Jennifer Lopez has not commented about it to clarify which of the speculations that made their followers and in different means of communication true or false.

50 years of age, the singer still falling in love to his followers with his slender figure, in addition to his talent for which he received hundreds of compliments.

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