Do you dare to see Nicki Minaj with and without Photoshop?: “Incredible!”


July 19, 2019
(21:53 CET)

The singer Nicki Minaj it is a controversial andante. The rapper american likes a lot of attention and talk about it, either good or bad, and in many occasions it is so that it shows or that cover your body.

The author of the hit ‘Anaconda‘, which is close to a billion views, has suffered discrimination in their meats on many occasions, however, it is not expected that they would have them the producers of their disks.

That has been able to see it in one of the images most sensual of the american singer appears in her underwear and a robe of very fine thread.


The face of discrimination

As you can see in the image, beyond wrinkles and stretch marks retouched, what has most disturbed, and with good reason fans of the rapper american has been the lightening of skin that you have made.

The criticism for having turned to Nicki Minaj in white have not been slow to arrive, and the singer herself has supported their followers in something you think is disrespectful.

The Nicki Minaj more committed

Rapper american has decided not to participate in the festival Jeddah World Fest which is held in Saudi Arabia in order to give effect to women’s groups and the LGBTI community that have protested the policies of the asian country.

In its place will act Janet Jackson and 50Centwho it seems that are not so compromised by the existing discrimination in Saudi Arabia.