Emilia Clarke wanted to stay with this curious memory of Daenerys


Daenerys Targaryen it is without a doubt one of the most famous characters in television of the last few years. The character of ‘Game of thrones’ is played by actress Emilia Clarke, and after so many years playing the role, it is normal that you wanted to stay with a detail that reminds you of your character. But not all has ended as she expected.

Emilia Clarke went recently to the Emmy Awards, and in an interview on the red carpet confessed that she wanted to stay with the object the more iconic of his character: his wig. After eight years playing the Mother of Dragons, the actress wanted to stay with one of the wigs that characterized him, but HBO, the platform that broadcasted the series has not wanted to give it to them: “I have not seen the wig. I thought: “That is my hair! Ben and I stole an arrow from one of the battles and then the hide. No one will notice”.

However, Emilia Clarke is not going to miss everything related to Daenerys, there is a small object that holds such a good memory: “I will not miss the corset. I did not like the corset and the corset didn’t like me.”

In these past Emmy Awards, ‘Game of thrones’ crowned in what will presumably be their last win. The HBO series won 11 awards including the Best Drama Series. Although this figure is far from what the betting said, the series has been fired a total of 59 awards achieved over the eight years of broadcasting, which has become in the television fiction awards for the story.

In spite of everything, Emilia Clarke has never managed to take any award that recognizes your interpretation.

Emilia Clarke has already made it back to his character from the hit series ‘Game of Thrones’. Is now focused on other projects he already has on the table. What’s the latest? Starring in a movie of Christmas, ‘Last Christmas’ which will be released soon.