Five films not to miss Netflix to view in quarantine


If the confinement has you looking for and looking for alternatives to watch on Netflix, here we leave you five recommendations of tapes that you can’t stop seeing it in quarantine. Hurry up!! and don’t forget that, to have the next one in June, the platform will raise the price of the accounts in chile.

18 gifts / Drama / 16+

Based on actual events, this tape Italian shows the story of a woman who lost his life victim of a severe illness. Before dying, he bought gifts for his newborn daughter the received up to the age of the age of majority, but not all would be as planned. The film is starring Vittoria Puccini and Benedetta Porcaroli.

Rescue missions / Action / 16+

Directed by the brothers Joe and Anthony Russothis production is starring the australian Chris Hemsworth. Set in India and Bangladesh, the story focuses on the rescue of the son of a drug dealer indian who is in prison. The culprit: Amir Asif, enemy of the criminal indian.

Kidnapping / Suspense / 13+

A quiet day at the amusement park is seen violently interrupted when a couple kidnap the child of six years, Karla (Halle Berry). The woman begins a dangerous chase car that will not give up until it’s back to the little Frankie.

Barry Seal, only in America / Action / 16+

Tom Cruise recreates the real story of Barry Seal, american pilot who is recruited by the CIA to investigate the communist influence in Central america. His constant travels make it closer to the drug trafficking of colombia and eventually ends up collaborating with the Medellín Cartel.

Dangerous lies / Suspense / 16+

Starring Camila Mendes (Riverdale), and Jessie T. Usher this successful tape shows a young couple from Chicago who is in charge of taking care of an old man. When this dies, he leaves all his inheritance to her. However, all is not well and sooner than later the problems start.

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