Frankie Grande wants to see Ariana Grande as Megara from “Hercules”


LOS ANGELES (united States).- Hundreds of fans are requesting that Ariana Grande interpret Megara in the adaptation of live-action of Hercules, and his brother Frankie Grande also signature to this special request. “I think Meg is a great character for her“ he shared. “Honestly, my sister is one of the women entrepreneurs or business more strong in the top of his game,” he continued, referring to Ari as an absolute “boss”.

“And that is really Meg”, he confessed on the popular character from the Disney animated film of 1997. “It’s, like, the princess more daring, do you know? Then, if my sister is going to be a Disney princess, it will be blatant. She’s going to be loud; noisy; frank. So I think that it is the role perfect for her,” she said about the singer of “Thank U, Next”. “And, absolutely, she should play it”.

The desire for Ariana to interpret the character of Disney began when the singer dazzled, by full-fans, during the special Disney Family Singalong, on the 16th of April. During the televised event, Ari sang the tune “I Won t Say I m In Love”, performed by the character with the muses. The voice of Meg was provided by the talented Susan Egan in the original film.

Ariana Grande not only sang the part of Meg to perfection. Also assumed each of the parts of the Muses, harmonizing with his own voice. From the song, and the announcement of the April 30, that Disney was planning the film from live action, the fans have been begging the singer to interpret the partner of Hercules. Even established an online petition for that to happen.

The former star of Nickelodeon also performed the song “beauty and The beast” with John Legend for the movie live action 2017. In addition, is no stranger to working in a set, as they starred in programmes such as Sam & Cat, Scream Queens, and, not to mention, his first job on Broadway in the program 13. It seems that the stars could align with Ariana and that the gods may bless fans with his casting.