French manicure neon Kylie Jenner


Imagine spending the quarantine in a mansion of super luxury in Holmby Hills, California with a swimming pool, a private cinema and still pass it so boring that you need to change your manicure constantly to give life to your days.

Because it seems that so live your quarantine Kylie Jenner who has not stopped to look manicures with designs and trends exceptional, and though it certainly brings back crazy your manicurist, we love it, as each that Kylie is proposed to make a change in your image this becomes a trend viral that all of the users of social networks have to replicate.

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This weekend he has shared with his more than 177 million followers on Instagram your new choice and it seems to be a hit.

Kylie began the quarantine with a few long nails with square tip that the advance of the months used to change the tone and color, started with a gradient of pink, followed by vibrant shades and even animal print, always in contrast with the nude colors in the base.

But it seems that, like many girls, the business woman of the beauty world, has decided to give a break to your nails, yes, without leaving the glamour and the good manicures from the side.

For the youngest of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, is of the utmost importance to keep a good look of the head to the feet so that it keeps current in the networks, and captures all eyes, even during this confinement.

To continue with the naturalness but with a touch of joy, Kylie is now a French manicure with the tips in two colours: neon yellow and blue-celeste, with her usual base in the color nude and a long very discreet

As you transition to your new manicure Kylie started with a nail with almonds in tone nude, almost invisible and very natural, which later – /a-framed-know-this-trend-m… a little bright colors.

Photo: Instagram @kyliejenner

Later remember that this type of manicure in length and design is very flattering for most styles of hands, especially for some that are long fingers, nails narrow or fingers a little thick and make them look more stylized.

Remember that in order to achieve its effect must not exceed the length, in addition to the style in which the color is applied it helps to make them see longer.

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