From JLo to Becky G: divas latinas most popular TikTok | Videos


Chinese social network TikTok, that already counts with more than 800 million active users all over the planet, it is becoming more popular in Latin america. Sputnik invites you to view some of the artists latino with more followers on this platform.

Jennifer Lopez (9.5 million)

In his official account of TikTok, the diva of the Bronx not only you share short videos of your daily life, but also fun challenges viral. In the publications of the artist you can also see his partner, Alex Rodriguez, and their children.

Camila Cabello (8 million)

The popular singer cuban-american is usually to publish in your account videos of dances.

“Welcome to the world of romance”, is read at the foot of the page.

Malu Trevejo ($6.5 million)

The young singer and influencer Spanish of cuban origin Malu Trevejo occupies the third place of our rankingwith his 6.5 million followers.

Shakira (4.9 million)

The interpreter Hips Don t Lie they often share with their followers of TikTok videos full of sun, joy and music.

Thalia (3.3 million)

The account of the mexican singer and actress is probably the most fun and multifaceted ranking. Thalia not only pleases its fans with short music videos, but also shares his experience, as, for example, this unusual tutorial:

Natti Natasha (3.2 million)

This famous reguetonera dominican likes to publish on your page-videos sexy and at the same time fun.

Becky G (2.6 million)

The american actress and singer of mexican descent is in the seventh position of the list.

The personal account of the interpreter Bad santa has accrued more than 7.2 million I like.

Lali (2.3 million)

Lali Espósito also enjoys great popularity on the platform: still more than two million people. Like other singers who appear in the list, the young, 28-year-old shares with his followers music videos and shorts.

Karol G (2.1 million)

The famous singer of urban music has only three publications in his personal account.

In the recordings that you share with your fans, you can also see her boyfriend, reguetonero puertorriqueño Anuel AA.

Mon Laferte (345.000)

With more than 345.000 followers, the extravagant singer and activist chilean Mon Laferte closes the Top-10 of Sputnik.

And you, do you already follow on TikTok to any celebrity Latin?