Hailey Baldwin sue the surgeon that revealed their alleged aesthetic touches

From several days ago are circulating on the Internet several videos the controversial surgeon Daniel Barret which he claims that Hailey Baldwin has been subjected to numerous aesthetic touches. The doctor argues that the features of the model are not natural. This, apparently not sit well with the young woman and her husbandthe singer Justin Bieber, who would be willing on declare war and take legal action against him for defamation.

Despite the fact that the aesthetic touches are the order of the day and see it as something totally ‘natural’ within the world of fashion, the allegations of the controversial Daniel Barrett seem to have offended quite to the niece of Alec Baldwin. According to the portal E! News, think of sue the surgeon, and in this way clean your reputation. The above-mentioned means holds that the doctor has come to receive a letter where you are required to apologize publicly to the videos that you have uploaded during these days Internet on the model and also to stop to use a public image of Hailey.

With that written, the young man also wants David to retract all his accusations, and of all things that has to be disclosed without their approval, or otherwise does not hesitate to take legal action against him. In addition, Justin Bieber could also sue the doctor for use without your consent the song ‘Sorry’ without your consent to put it as soundtrack in one of the videos in which he accuses his wife of having performed numerous aesthetic touches.

The new love nest of Justin and Hailey

It’s not all bad news these days for the couplea few days ago we met the incredible mansion that was just bought. The property in question is located in the exclusive neighborhood of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California and it belonged to Madonna, who bought the home in 2012 for approximately 12 million euros. Now, the canadian singer and his girlfriend have bought the house for more than double what it cost the legend of pop: 30 million euros.

The mansion has more than 4,000 square meters and has all kinds of luxuries as an 8-room ‘suite’, 14 bathrooms, swimming pool, tennis courts, a spa or a huge garden that decorates the immediate vicinity of the house. It also features a gym and a cinema with 15 seats.