Halle Berry trained the dog of John Wick 3: Parabellum


In an interview for Collider, Chad Stahelski ahead of further details of the expected John Wick 3: Parabellum, which leads to the equal that the rest of the saga.

One of the most interesting aspects revealed by the director is the fact that Halle Berry, who plays Sofiawas train personally to the dogs that appear on the tape.

In his words: “We didn’t want a trainer was hidden behind the set, or a piece of scenery, or something like that. We wanted to Find, or Sofia, our character, out our trainer of dogs on the screen. So that it was not acting as if they were his dogs, these were actually their dogs. When Halle entered the cast had a great talk. Halle arrived, after all their trials of combat, and weapons, sat at work and played with the dogs for months, so that on the screen really they obeyed Halle. They are not looking to a coach. That was very fun”.

The dogs in the series have had a great importance from the very first moment. Remember that the murder of Daisythe Beagle given to by his deceased wife to lead to the loss, was what motivated John Wick to return to the industry that had made him so recognized.

Subsequently, it is his new companion breed Pitbull the only one who stays by your side following news of his expulsion from the Continental and the reward of 14 million dollars for his murder. For this third installment, the canes will have an appearance much more aggressive than beforeattacking next to Sofia.

“The puppy in the first movie was a symbol of his wife and his loss, the dogs in Parabellum they are a symbol of someone that Halle has lost. That is our link. Instead of being passive as a puppy, these dogs are a little more active in the story”, he added Staheleski.