Halsey already has a date for ‘Manic’, his new album | Music

After putting the fandom upside-down with the premiere of Graveyard, Halsey do not get tired of dropping more. Although the debut of this last single was announced that the bookings for their new album were available, has already announced its release date.

It will be the 17 of January of 2020 when we can hear the new singer, Manic. Which will be the continuation of hopeless mountain kingdom it will include the last single released by the american and Without Mehis other hit latest. This last, in fact, it was a great success: He managed a 5th-platinum and rose as her first single, solitary to reach the number 1 in the united States, all a letter perfect presentation for which will include all of your new entire disk.

In addition, it comes with the subtitle “an album made by Ashley to Halsey”, making reference to the real name of the singer. Perhaps this is a clue to something more intimate to show us the more human side of the artist in this new stage of his career.

In Graveyard has already proven to be a part of it, as it is still speaking of cemeteries, in the video we can see her painting from beginning to end a mural with your face, with a result that is not far from that of a professional artist. Will this approach to one of his passions something relevant in the album?

Now, will wait to see if Halsey surprises us with some other advancement to liven up the wait. If not, we may do so to the rhythm of Graveyard.

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