Halsey gave details of his fracture of the ankle through the social networks

The singer shared a “storyy” with their fans.

Recently the singer Halsey suffered an accident in one of his ankles, so they had to put a bandage to the limb, and decided to show fans of Instagram part of the rest that is fulfilling.

Through a “story” in your profile official, the star born in New Jersey posted a picture where you see his foot in plaster, and placed smilies smiley crying, accompanied by the comment “This annoying thing”.

The fall caused a lot of concern in the 19.8 million followers on the online platform, who have the curiosity of knowing what happened exactly the diva of 25 yearsso that your bone has been bludgeoned.

Using a interview to a means of broadcasting, celebrity spoke about it, leaving surprised their fans, who expect soon to be able to heal and make bearable the rest.

The video of the radio station “Capital FM” was shared on Twitter, and you can see the famous young telling his version of the facts, with an outfit of hood and bright earrings in their ears.

The artist he commented that it was filling with water the dishwasher of your residence, and did not realize the floor was wet, which resulted in a neglect is resbalara without wanting to.

Right away the interpreter she was transferred to the emergency department and must comply with the measures of recovery for several weeks. In addition to this, you will have to wait to heal to continue with their artistic endeavors, then their past releases.

Remember that the u.s. released this year their third studio album entitled “Manic”, which contains hits such as “Be Kind”, which was released last may, in full quarantine.

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