Halsey has broken the ankle does by the fault of a dishwasher?


The artist Halsey is known to give a few concerts of the most driven and electric. The american singer loves to jump around the stage and make the performances more complicated and spectacular. This year has been touring all over the world, including Spain, demonstrating that the scenarios are their natural habitat.

With the crisis of the coronavirus, Halsey has had to paralyze all of his plans to traverse the world with their new album ‘Maniac’ and stay at home to expected to improve the situation of health crisis. Like many of you, has tried to exploit the most of your time and even start composing new music.

However, the situation has become complicated now that the artist has broken the ankle. What he shared in their social networks with an emoji of tears. Halsey has to wear a boot that will help until it heals at all.


In a recent interview to a british network radio, the interpretation of ‘Without me’ has been explained as was the accident: “I went down to the door to load the dishwasher, and the kitchen floor was wet and I tripped with the door. And after more than 2000 live shows, where break for two hours, finally I fractured my ankle in the kitchen of my house. What a shame!”, account from your home.

Halsey shares it with irony because, of course, it is best to rest an injury of this type. Also does not involve much trouble for the artist with the inconvenience since before the quarantine was assured that I was going to stop to give concerts. After finishing his tour ‘Maniac World Tour’ the interpreter is going to take a break from the scenarios, although not explained very well why. We do not know if now with the crisis of the coronavirus has rethought the situation and changed his mind about his career. It is clear that being at home gives you a lot of time to reflect.