Halsey: so sound 7 of their songs more top | Music


There is No doubt of that Halsey it is located in a perfect time of his career. The singer proved his potential in the gala of the Emmy Awards and just hours later, to the joy of all their fandom, it announced a european tour, starting in Spain! All this when we barely have time to savor, Graveyardthe single of the advancement of their new and third album Manic. An artist that mark trends and with many hits behind his back, despite his youth.


It was the simple presentation of his first album and already, from this moment was coming that we were talking about an artist who was going to give a lot to talk about.


A song that will be included in her new album because, as she herself has said, it’s not going in the same line of sound that the rest of the songs on the album. Will have to wait to see what surprises you in your next project, that aims to be the most personal of all. Even refers to his real real name: Ashley. Meanwhile, this hit it deserves to be enjoyed as many times as you can.

Without Me

More than 280 million views on YouTube. With this song not only triumphed on the Internet and in the playlistsif not that also he did live in the last parade of Victoria’s Secret in 2018. Don Halsey put a soundtrack to a historical moment!

Bad at Love

A song about the failures of love that the singer herself is to blame. Isn’t it easy to feel identified?

Him & I

His collaboration with G-Eazy nearly 360 million views. With a sound very particular, Halsey shows a great versatility. All of this in a video that won all of his followers.

The Boy With Luv with BTS

The alliance’s final pop, Korean pop, western, with permission of Dua Lipa and Black Pinkof course. A success which is essential in this 2019, which will go down in history for its record of views in 24 hours.

Closer next to The Chainsmokers

If the union makes the force this is the greatest example of this in the race Halsey. More than 2,300 reproductions guarantee it. It is not the only time that has happened, as another of their collaborations more successful, controversial, brilliant, and most have given that talk is Strangersnext to Lauren Jaureguiof Fifth Harmony.