Halsey talks about his new album

Last Monday Halsey gave an interview in the program ‘Apple Music’s Beats 1’, hosted by Zane Lowe. During the conversation, the interpreter of ‘Graveyard’ spoke on ‘Manic’, his next album.


The singer acknowledges in the interview that in the ‘Graveyard’ admit your mistakes and assume all responsibility of their actions because it is something “very human”. In addition, it elaborates on the idea that it is that same nature that resulted in the sounds that they hear in the song.


Halsey also told that, at the time of ‘Manic’, which will be released on the 17th of January 2020, took the decision to make an album more dark and full of anger, although “I wasn’t even upset, it’s exciting.”

The idea behind the album, as hinted at in the interview, it was draining things accumulated and put an end to a stage of your life; one that, in his own words, he saw her get in positions “not necessarily safe”.

Returning on the theme of ‘Graveyard’, Halsey left to permeate that is a song in equal parts metaphorical and literal. This, at times, proved to be something scary, but “you know me, I find the frightening things and I do”.

After these statements, the expectations around ‘Manic’ have increased since it could be the best and most honest work of the artist.

If you have not yet seen ‘Graveyard’, released last last September 12, here I leave:

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