Henry Cavill returns as Superman in a new movie DC


Superman is back and everything seems to indicate that we will have a new movie with Henry Cavill.

The output of Ben Affleck as Batman left many fans concerned, meant not only the end of the most recent dark Knight, this decision also affected the rest of the team of superheroes who worked with him in films like The Justice League (that is about to launch its Snyder’s Cut), Batman v Superman, and Wonder Woman.

Without Ben Affleck, these characters could not be together again again (at least, not as members of the Justice League and without having to kill Batman), but, for DC that was not necessarily a conviction. Wonder Woman is about to premiere its sequel, which is located in the 80’s and there are no traces of Batman by any side, there is a new Batman on the way (Robert Pattinson) and everything seems to indicate that there is a new Superman in the plans of study.

And not only that, according to Variety, sources confirm that Henry Cavill, the actor who had to erase the mustache on Justice League (one of the many faults of the movie) is already in negotiations to return to become the Man of Steel.

Variety says that could not contact the representatives of Cavill or Warner, but that a reliable source we confirmed that the plans are already in place and, if all goes well, the actor The Witcher it will be put on the blue suit and red very soon.

Henry Cavill has already played Superman in the movie Man of Steel 2013 Batman v Superman 2016 and finally in Justice League in 2017on the other hand, Zack Snyder he also confirmed that the much talked about Snyder Cutwhich is supposedly a lot better than what we saw, exists and that it is going to launch exclusively on the platform of HBO Max that is just brand new (with all the movies Harry Potter and Studio Ghiblito , among other things).

In addition, according to the reports, Cavill it will also be the costume of Superman to have cameos in the upcoming films of DC, including Aquaman 2 (which has problems now because of everything that is happening with the case of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp), The Suicide Squad, which will be directed by James Gunn and promises to correct everything that was wrong with the first part (and everything seems to indicate that the Joker from Jared Leto was left out), and The Batman (this is only a rumor), the film by Matt Reeves, in which we are going to introduce a bruce Wayne is younger, and working as a private investigator in gotham City.

In a cover story of Mens ‘Health’s December, Cavill revealed that I was not ready to relinquish the role of Superman still and does not rule out the possibility of return if requested to do so.

“The layer is still in the closet,” he said. “It is still mine. I’m not going to sit quietly in the darkness as everything is happening. I have not renounced the role. I still have a lot to give for Superman. A lot of stories to do. There are many depths real and true to the honesty of the character in which I want to enter. I want to reflect the comics. That is important to me. There is a lot of justice done to Superman. The state is: As you’ll see”.

Without a doubt, Cavill is one of the best actors have had the honor of performing at the man of steel on the big screen (and it seems that the the curse of Superman it has not been affected), so it is logical that the study wants it back, but we have to wait a bit for them to confirm what these mysterious sources say.