Here’s why the program ‘Harley Quinn’ of DC needs a third season


The animated series Harley Quinn is one of the representations the most bold and inappropriate of these beloved characters of DC in a long time. And deserves all more seasons.

The series begins with the rupture of Harley Quinn with Joker, very similar to the film Birds of Prey that just came out this year. And boy, Harley overcomes it and becomes the best version of herself. Of course, there are many heartaches and blows that have to be overcome in order to overcome your ex toxic. But, season 2 is about her triumph over him and how he is submerging in his new role as a Queenpin of crime in Gotham. Or rather, New Gotham.

The series is one of the most entertaining on television, and although the future is uncertain after this second season, this is the reason why you need a third.

Harley Quinn, with the voice of Kaley Cuoco, in the DC Universe | DC Universe / WBTV

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Harley Quinn is the anti-hero female that we didn’t know we needed.

Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie, proved it perfectly, but Quinn has been a brilliant character and bad since it came on the scene. From Batman: The Animated Series, to his time with Poison Ivy in several comics different, the style of Harley has been demonstrated. In addition, in Birds of Prey and this series, viewers can see their next anti-hero.

She is bad, but does bad things just because. As a star, and the voice of Harley Quinn, Kaley Cuoco, told Entertainment Weekly in February, is why he loves the character.

“She kicks * ss, he loves his friends, do bad things but for what it believes are the right reasons, is strong, quirky, it’s fun (let’s not forget how fun that is) and absolutely adorable,” he said.

Harley, in general, is fun, but this version of Harley especially is

It is, of course, a comedy, and Harley Quinn is meant to be a funny character. And Quinn has always been like that anyway. But the version of the DC Universe is particularly funny. From their plans until their attitude sometimes naïve, Harley Quinn Cuoco is addictive to look at.

“She gets away with things no one else does,” added Cuoco on why Harley is so cool. “She brings that charm that is really hard to get, and then we allow you to go through these crazy things and make these decisions mad because we fell in love with her.”

With so many iterations of Harleen Quinzel, it’s important to make each one stand out among the others. And the DC Universe definitely does.

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Addresses very well the abusive relationship he had with Joker

From showing how difficult it was to cut ties with Joker to shudder when the “good” Joker (Jack) is about to her because she is so accustomed to his physical abuse, this programme addressed quite well the past relationship of Harley. Although the association between Joker and Harley Quinn are often romantiza and glorifies it to a certain extent, it is immensely abusive. This series not only exhibits so well, but also shows how far they are trapped its claws in the poor Harley.

“I think that in reality it represents more of the women who we believe,” said Cuoco on the subject. “To get away from a bad relationship and having your friends around you to make you feel powerful and believe in yourself, that is like feminism in its essence”.

Unfortunately, domestic abuse is common, it is important to be realistic in your description here. And show the cost of mind that he took was also great. It is a caricature, but you handled this topic better than many other series.

The women’s relationships, platonic or not, are an important part of the series, and that is important

It is the show of Harley Quinn but Poison Ivy is a player important, mainly because it is your other half and your best friend. Of course, Harlivy would be a dream come true if they become a couple in this series for fans of that “ship”. But even if they don’t, what the public has come up now between these two is pure gold.

Poison Ivy is there for Harley Quinn in the good times and in bad. She pulls it out of Arkham when Joker did not do so, and even staged an elaborate hoax with Riddler to take Harley to her obsession with Joker. And in turn, Quinn taught him to Ivy that there is something good in the world and that you can have with others.

In a world where women often face each other, it is good to have this strong friendship female. It is obvious that there is a background romantic in your relationship, but before that nothing will stand up as best friends, and that is incredible to see.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy talk in the department of Ivy | DC Universe / WBTV

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Produces some of the funniest moments in the shows of DC.

Outside of just Harley Quinn, his team and all the writings in the program are absolutely fun. The majority of the jokes may not be shared on our site for your inadequacy, but have faith that it is dirty, fun and will make you laugh out loud.

The writing in the program is probably best. There might not be any of the above points without him, and would not be so entertaining to see. Because he is so intelligent and really relies on the character’s culinary Harley, it does not seem that you are wasting your time with the program. It is nice If you don’t have a third season, someone needs to bring the Parademons.

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