How are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? So is now the ratio of the former spouse after her controversial separation


In 2005 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt agreed on the filming ofMr. and Mrs. Smith‘where all point that came from, love. That same year, the actor was getting a divorce from Jennifer Aniston and months after it became official their new relationship.

During almost 10 years were the perfect couple along with their six children: three adopted and three biological. In 2014 they were married to the surprise of everyone but two years afterin 2016, went out to the light the marriage was separating.

From this moment on the situation between the two got much worse there was a lot of controversy surrounding the couple and their children. But with the passage of time everything has been moderated and in April of 2019 signed the divorce and everything returned to normal.

This 27 may have been the birthday of Shiloh, who just turned 14 years old. For this reason a source close to Brad Pitt has speakor to ‘ETon the current relationship the interpreter with Angelina and how is it now with their children.

“All the children have been waiting for the birthday of Shiloh, and plan to celebrate with a birthday cake,” he begins saying.

“The children of Brad are most important to him. He tells his friends they learn a lot about the lives of their own children,” he explains.

In the video of the news you can see the rest of the statements.

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