How to get FIFA 20 coins without being banned?


FIFA and FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) lovers need FIFA coins for purchasing players and for various other reasons. For playing in FIFA 20, gamers have to establish a strong team to survive in the FUT. In this situation, having extra coins in their gaming account is simply a blessing. More amount of virtual currency makes it possible for gamers to buy the best players for their team. These coins are also used for trading items in FUT.

It requires a lot of hard work, time, and tireless efforts to earn these coins. Are you thinking of buying FIFA 20 coins? Then make it clear that EA Sports has a very rigid stance on buying, selling, and transferring of FIFA coins from one account to another. EA only supports to earn these coins according to the rules, and the active gameplay. In case of finding you buying FUT coins from a third party website may result in a complete ban. The approved ways from EA Sports to earn coins are:

  • Gamers can play Ultimate Team Matches to earn coins.
  • Squad Building Challenges also have coined as part of their rewards. By completing these challenges, you can earn coins.
  • You can also make some buying and selling in the Transfer Market. You can sell your team’s players or other selling items for a fair price to get coins.

Is there no way to buy FIFA 20 coins?

Buying FIFA 20 coins means that you are away from the head of the competition and you don’t have to spend a lot on FIFA points. You can buy FIFA 20 coins without being banned from the comfort buy method from a reliable and trustworthy seller. Only the safest, secure, and quickest provider can make your FIFA 20 journey full of excitement, fun, and victory.

Comfort Buy:

In this method of buying coins, a buyer simply pays the amount for coins to the seller and sends their account details to the FIFA coin supplier. FIFA coins supplier completes the whole operation for the buyer. When that gamer logs back, the coins are added to their account.

But, this whole procedure can be risky for you, and in case of any carelessness your personal information may get transfer to the hackers. Buying FIFA coins form a third party website, promoting any activity related to coin buying, and coin distribution are against EAs rules. If EA Sports come into know about FIFA coins buying or selling you may face difficulty in the following ways:

  • EA can send you a warning email to stop any prohibited activity of buying, to sell, or to transfer of coins.
  • In case of any violation of the first warning, EA clears your account and sends the final warning.
  • As a last option, EA bans your account permanently with all cards and coins.

How to ensure safe and secure buying of FIFA 20 coins:

The main point is the selection of a reliable FIFA coin seller. Seasoned and senior players always know from where to get valid and genuine FIFA coins. A new or not experienced player should seek guidance from their seniors.

It is highly advised that you always check your junk box of the email. After placing your order for FIFA coins surely check your Email inbox and junk compartment. Email clients often sort emails from FIFA coin suppliers into junk compartments. After completing the FIFA coin purchase, the EA account security question reset is an excellent practice to keep your information safe.

After placing FIFA coins order never change the name of your account or name of the players, you have put in the auction. Otherwise, you may face trouble in log in to your account. It is good to change reset your account password and other details right after purchasing FIFA coins. If you want to know how to reset EA account security question reset, please check it out here.

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