How would you handle Phoebe quarantine? Lisa Kudrow talks about the Covid-19-reunion of Friends


Lisa Kudrow, the actress who gave life to Phoebe in Friends, talks about meeting the cast and the special chapter. We tell you all the details here:

Lisa Kudrow she made us laugh, and we caused all kinds of emotions with his role as Phoebe, in the series most famous people in the world: Friends. As we already discussed, the cast will meet for a special episode on television, in order to honor and remember this series was so famous that took place between 1994 and 2004. In an interview with the middle EW, Kudrow gave more details. “It is an interview strictly we, as actors, not the characters. We want the people to know. It’s not going to be an episode scripted” stated.

This episode was supposed that it would air the May 27, by HBO, Max, but to cause a global pandemic, had to be postponed. However, Kudrow gave some details about what we can expect from the meeting, and made clear that it will be them talking about the series and reliving old moments. Recall that in the 2016all the cast less Matthew Perry, that was out of the country, gathered for a tribute NBC. However, the meeting did not convince a lot of fans, who did not hesitate to prove disappointed.

Despite the fact that we all die for one more chapter of the life of this group of friends living in Manhattan, the creators and the actors of Friends made clear that they have no interest in returning. In the 2014, the co-creator of the show, Marta Kauffmansaid: “What was the heart of the series is already done. To be honest I spent 20 years. No one is what it was then, and the majority of people saying how much they aged-all”, said. While what you say is true, the public seems never to tire with regard to Friends, and is always waiting for something more.

Last year, the nets exploded when Jennifer Aniston joined the social network Instagram, nothing more and nothing less than with a photo of the 6 actors together. Then, over the months, it was confirmed that the recording of a special episode where would all the elencto. Lisa Kudrow, which is currently practised on a protagonist role in the series of Netflix Space Force, stated: “We are all incredibly grateful ever since. We loved each other, and we continue to love, we have fun many and for 10 years we laughed all day. Sometimes people remember things that even we ourselves remember, and that is fantastic” explained.

In addition, Kudrow explains that each cast member recalls the things points of views and different ways, which will be something very entertaining to watch. Also, he confesses that it is not always looked at all the episodes, especially the last. Featured: “Sometimes I look back and it is very fun to talk about with my companions of those things. It’s great because it Jennifer (Aniston), agrees to all, as Matt (LeBlanc), but I don’t remember almost anything”, closed.

Then, in this special episode we can expect to see exactly that: a meeting of old friends, there were moments very cute during 10 years of recordings. This meeting could count with the presence of all: Courtney Cox, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc, as well as Kauffman and the co-creator David Crane. It was planned to be recorded in the north american spring, to get out on the new streaming service HBO Max. But by the global pandemic which we are living, has been postponed until further notice.

With respect to the matter that moves around the world, asked Kudrow how you think it would handle Phoebe Buffay confinement and quarantine. The actress said: “I think that in your place, Phoebe would be full of projects half done. Great things of art, and many other things cumbersome coming into your life. And of course that Mike (Paul Rudd) it would be very sweet about it. In addition, I’m sure that would meet with all safety rules and directions”. explained.

Finally, he spoke of his new role in the comedy Netflix, Space Force, in which plays the wife of the protagonist (Steve Carell). This marriage will be one of the most unusual that you will see on the screen, and it will be very interesting to see. Told some details of how it will be this fictitious account: “Mark and Maggie are forced to navigate a great challenge in the relationship”. Anyway, it is not the only series for Netflix in which we can see to this actress. He also starred in Feel Good, a romantic comedy that is available since February in the platform.