It appears the corpse. Sophie Turner, Emilia Clarke, dismayed. Sudden death


Sophie Turner

December 29, 2019
(12:22 CET)

Game of Thrones has put an end to your adventure. The series has been crowned as the most view of the history in all the world, and has managed to be remembered forever. Some already think of a spin-off while there is no way to find her replacement. It makes it very difficult to not be able to see new faces as Sophie Turner or Emilia Clarke without embodying their respective characters. In the fiction of HBO has created a great family. In fact every time that something happens all are very united.

Right now all the performers that have been part of the series are severely affected, cannot speak. Some have used social networks to provide a heartfelt tribute to who was his companion and who is now, sadly, been abandoned. Andrew Dunbar passed away on Tuesday, December 24, suddenly, at 30 years of age, as published by the british daily Mirror.

The actor was double of Theon Greyjoyplayed by Alfie Allen in the series, and also an ally of Jon Snow in the Battle of the Bastards. The irish also offered as tour guide on the set of the filming of Game of thrones. In his spare time, especially when he finished the filming of the series, he worked as a DJ to supplement his salary. One of his dreams. The interpreter also participated in series such as ‘Line of Duty’, ‘Arrow’ or ‘Derry Girl’.

No one expected this sad loss. After a few days of silence this Sunday, December 29, was the own Andrew Dunbar who to get a message through your account of Instagram. That corpse is not yours. The young man is alive and he takes it with humor. If it is true that he has died a person from a heart attack with your same name and surname but is not him. He has wanted to leave clear through the following message:

“I’m okay, Yes, it is strange that you have to publish this, but today I received many messages about my death. Clearly, this is not true, but because of some journalism lazy, my photo has been associated with the death of a man who shares my name. I just wanted to clear up any confusion and give my condolences to his family and friends.”

The young man was quick to reassure all your family and friends who were devastated and did not fail to send you messages.