“It scares you more than Nicki Minaj!”


July 31, 2019
(20:00 CET)

The rapper Cardi B has surprised everyone by appearing in New York by getting out of his private car without any type of makeup, in a picture that has been made to react to all his followers and especially to his detractors.

The fact of not having make-up looks that causes a radical change in the singer, something that is not expected to be so sharp to their own fans, who had to Cardi B quite idealized.

In fact, his own followers have wanted to compare it with its arch-enemy, also a rapper Nicky Minaj, and have commented on many of the photo with the message, “it Scares you more than Nicki Minaj!”.

All natural.. Cardi B goes makeup-free in navy I would like to as she steps out in New York.. pic.twitter.com/MaFhHiS8c7

Does not lose the style

Although the image gave to many reviews, it seems that Cardi B took it with humour, commenting that he had not lost the style as it was carrying a nail spectacular blue color and long-lasting.

However, the excuse did not convince all those who saw the snapshot of the u.s., who have already recommended the singer that you continue to use makeup, because he sees more favored.

Cardi B

Premiere in the Cinema

Close to premiering your movie ‘Hustlers’ in the that appears to be a stripper from New York with a celebrity of the height of Jennifer Lopez, who is the absolute protagonist of the film.

The movies, in principle, be released in theaters spaniards at the beginning of November and is expected to be a major hit box office in the united States. The budget has been very high for the hiring of the singers.