Ivy Quen: “I’m proud of what I created”


Recently, we launched “Antidote”, a song symbolic, to address the pandemic with music. The singer, urban released the single inspired by the crisis due to the coronavirus.

Ivy Queen – Martha Ivelisse Pesante – is one of the pioneers of the genre urban. The puerto rican singer marked his imprint since the early days of the reggaeton in the 1990s. Songs like “I Want to Dance”, “I have Loved, I have Cried” are hymns that opened the passage to artists such as Natti Natasha, Karol G or Becky G and more women in the urban music of today.

How was the process of “Antidote”?

When I was creating this song I thought that, like all the world I am passing this time of crisis. I thought that I don’t want the muse leaves me, I didn’t want to be a hypocrite to my feelings as a songwriter, with my feelings of wife and mother. In general, this was what was born at that time, I could have accompanied other instruments, but I didn’t want to.

Relationship with the Southern Cone, feel that you were influence in the urban music, you think that today a golden era?

Yes, we in the Latin music we have made a link with many cultures. To the argentines, like hip hop, rap in Spanish and that is my thing, I come from the cradle of that. Whenever we feel a similarity, and affection, and the music got that link. I know Cazzu and it seems to me a proposal so real and so different. It has its own essence. When I’m in front of it, the respect and the admiration of that girl is so palpable that I don’t have to say because they will see you in the face. Those are the links that makes the music. I say that this is the greatest victory, the affection and the admiration of the people, the link. Definitely our music has made links with different countries.

The world of Pop has taken urban beats and took him to the mainstream, How do you llevás with that side of the pop?

I was raised in a house with music and I learned to respect that mom liked the sauce and my dad’s jazz, the music of trio. I was born of two different colors. As the music fills me, I like it and never saw it as division, I joy of those colors that give. It’s like going to an ice cream parlor and have a single flavor, you’re going to get tired. That happens with the color that will give the new artists that are emerging.

Here and in other countries there are movements marked the empowerment of women. You’re one of the founders of the genre that is going to be 30 years old, what obstacle you had to overcome by being a woman?

I come all the obstacles and have gotten. When I came out, he had to fight against my voice, my clothes and my attitude were very masculine, although in my letters and listened to the voice of a woman. I am proud of having championed women who had no voice to say the “The I caya the tempest”, “He was unfaithful”, or “Yes, I want to dance with you, but it does not mean that I pa the bed”. These are things that position and defend it from a teenager, but when I fell in love with the music I thought that this was going to be my way, to defend the woman.

Filled Me with pride to see that more women were making music. Sometimes someone makes a point of martyrdom for others to grab the reward, but what I experienced led me to where I am today. My 6 year old daughter wants to dabble in music, for example. You are going to have tools that are not purchase money, the tools that I give you as a woman to her to defend herself. We women have a letter of presentation in music that goes beyond the look, which we were acquiring with the time. The woman is taking on a metamorphosis. The woman should not forget, beyond the look, do a repertoire worthy, it’s going to be a letter of presentation for years and years: Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celia Cruz, Amanda Miguel are women who understood its color and its music is a letter of presentation.

I grew up in the music, I give thanks to my father, who was of the music felt. At 12 years old sang songs of people in love, mature women, people in spite… to raise music is the best gift you can do to a little boy or a little girl.

What was it that changed for you in the music now with the home studios?

I remember in the 90’s there was so much electronic equipment in the study. You had to rip it and burn to the end without a mistake. There was a change in that, in the color of the music. Reggaeton had a low markup, instrumentaria different, says that we live in different times. Music urban or underground, sold out of the trunk of a car and the vendìan in a cassette. The music has expanded and has made a great noise. Today, those numbers mean more: there are record labels, contracts, agreements, singers, many things going on with the music.

Why are there so many talented singers from Puerto Rico?

I think we are very romantic and very problematic. We are a combination of the hot, that makes people want to know. We are an island so blessed, like Cuba. We have great athletes, athletes, and great people. We are very passionate about, I think. Without taking away merit to you because you are argentine and tango is the romance of life.

Sos founder of the genre, who are the true founders?

We have a mix very spectacular. Our father and founder of the underground rap is Vico C, is undeniable. But among the panamanians are The General, Nando Boom, Aldo Ranksthese people of the caribbean incredible. The difference is very sad, and is that the panamanians could not travel to the world and us puerto ricans we could. The political status had advantages for some and not others. I made friends in Panama for years because I have hosted with affection and sadness, because they could not leave their country and were a few rappers spectacular. The urban music has its founding fathers and we can not devalue the work of the panamanian, who are a great influence on what we become.

How difficult was it to do this as a woman?

The genre of rap, reggae, reggaeton was not constant in our country. For the letters with little content that the woman truly deserved. That was the battle. Imagine me singing with the flag of female in the hand, and the government generalizing and saying that we are all a few bandits. Music saved my life. My parents divorced and I fell in love with the music, I followed her because it was what I wanted to do. I lived what I lived, and today it is an honor to have the respect, not something to purchase. I’m proud of what I created.

I know that there are many colleagues who used the music as a pathway. In my case, after my parents ‘ divorce, music was my company 24/7. I know that a lot of people and partners feel identified with what they say, companions that looked music save the life. I spent my adolescence to adulthood in the music, the whole world saw me grow up.

Do you think that your link to US gave you that combination of hip-hop?, is it true that everyone used the same beat that came out of the dancehall jamaican?

Yes! It was the same rhythm, that rhythm had to throw it all over the world. That was the challenge, to sound different. That is the true school, sometimes people say “old school” “new wave”. Definitely the urban music of our beginnings was the real school for the graduation of many singers of today.

What would you change in the world?

Two things. One of my desires is to stop judging without knowing. And the other is about medicine in general. Today it is a business, it must be accessible to all, free for all. We lose many good people with these cancer treatments are eternal and costly, in addition, the person dies and ends up paying a debt to a hospital for treatment. It would be great that the medicine is free and available to all.