Jennifer Lawrence, on her fiance: “as soon as I met him I knew that I wanted to marry him” | People and Celebrity


Jennifer Lawrence knew that her boyfriend and current fiance, Cooke Maroney, was the man of his life since the day I first met him. So what has assured the actress, who’s not used to talk about their private life, in an interview with Catt Sadler for the podcast Naked, issued last Thursday. “He is the best person I have ever known. I know that sounds really stupid, but it is so. I feel very honored of becoming mrs. Maroney,” he reveals.

Lawrence, 28 years old, and Maroney, 34, met last year thanks to one of the best friends of the actress, Laura Simpson, presented to them. Since then have not separated and it was last February when it was learned that the protagonist of The hunger games was committed with the prestigious gallery. Something that came as a surprise to the actress herself. “It was a time in my life that was not located, I did not consider myself ready to marry. But it was known to Cooke, and I already wanted to marry him. The two wanted to commit fully. He is my best friend, so I want to link to it legally with me forever,” explains Lawrence. “You find your favorite person on the planet and you say: ‘can’t go’. Fortunately, there is the paperwork for these things,” he adds in a tone of humor.

On being asked by your wedding, of unknown date and place, the interpreter ensures that everything has been “very easy”. “I have not made anything neurotic planning the wedding. I think I’m too vague for that. I saw a dress I liked and said, ‘that’s who I want!’. I did not try much. And with the place where I will celebrate it the same. What I saw, I loved and what I booked,” he says, without revealing more details.

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Jennifer Lawrence and her fiance, Cooke Maroney, in New York, last may. GTRES

It was not the same, however, with the bachelorette. “At first I did not want a farewell, but at the last minute I realized that, yes,” explains the actress. “But of course, no one was available to celebrate because I decided very late and I started to cry without knowing why. I did not know that I so much wanted to have a bachelorette party. I felt pathetic. Thankfully, my future husband told me that there was no reason to do so” sentence. Finally, the bride had her celebration, though more than a bachelorette party to use it was a fiesta of commitment. On the 11th and 12th of may, the couple decided to gather their relatives and friends, among which was the actress Emma Stone, and laughed together for a weekend in New York.

The four times Oscar nominated and once winner of the statuette for The good side of thingsin 2013— decided to take a break from Hollywood last year to focus on herself, something that, he says, he has been sitting very well. “This last year has been very healthy and satisfying, because I thought that if I was not working I was going to depress, and it was not so. I found other interests and I actually got to the bottom of things that I’m really passionate about and that had nothing to do with the interpretation. I feel that I’ve known myself,” she says. Now, after almost a year away from acting, Jennifer Lawrence has returned with more force than ever on the professional, with several blockbusters such as X-Men: Phoenix Dark and the series Bad Bloodas in the personal: “it Was great. I met someone, I fell in love and started a new life in new York.”

Maroney, who comes from a family of farmers, is a gallerist based in the Upper East Side, in the area east of Manhattan (New York, united States). Founded in the nineties by Barbara Gladstone, an art dealer and film producer, his gallery represents artists such as british sculptor Anish Kapoor, the swiss Ugo Rondinone, the director of videos by Matthew Barney (a couple of the artist Björk), or the painter Carroll Dunham, father of the actress, director and screenwriter Lena Dunham.