Jennifer Lopez accepts to sit with “the broken heart” after you cancel your wedding


Jennifer Lopez it is characterized by being a strong person and has always tried to support his followers and the world in general. Has been one of the first celebrities to support the movement to stay at home, and has been animated so that no one will lose strength and be able to control the pandemic coronavirus. However, as with all people in the world, Jennifer Lopez it also has its ups and downs, because I had important things planned… and by important things, we mean your wedding with Alex Rodriguez, which had to cancel (or postpone… without something definite in the future).

For the program, the Today Show, Jennifer Lopez acknowledged that yes it feels with a broken heart (very understandable, so many brides had to do the same!), but in the end the only thing that remains is to wait. “You just have to wait and see how it develops all of this … I am heart broken, because we had some plans to be great, but I also think that God has a bigger plan, so we just have to wait and see.” Oh wise words from Jennifer Lopez! We are all learning things from this situation, and especially to know that we can be thankful of the privilege, and we hope that more people, after a situation such as this, can have better opportunities.