Joe Keery has cut her hair to “bowl” and the Internet has not liked anything – News series


The actor and american musician is best known for playing Steve Harrington in ‘Stranger Things’, the fiction of the success of Netflix.


Joe Keery, the actor that gives life to Steve Harrington in Stranger Things, has cut her hair -rather pelazo – and the fans haven’t liked anything. The court of discord made his first public appearance last Thursday on the red carpet of Chanel.

The hair of the actor was virtually his personal brand because, despite the fact that he was defending not to use any more treatment and “blame” genes, his mane was worthy of the catwalk. Now, it seems that the Steve Harrington that we knew has disappeared, see for yourself:

Stefanie Keenan/WireImage

The international fame that follows the distribution of the fiction ochentera, as Millie Bobbie Brown, provokes reactions in the fans very disproportionate, but nothing compared to what is suffering Keery for his new ‘look’. Fans have taken advantage of the unexpected change to make use of his “humorous” to might compare him with Matildathe child Two and a half men or the court bowl -which was also very hated by the fans – Joey in Friends. These are some of the comments:

In memory of the impeccable hair of Joe Keery [2015-2019]