Judge rejected lawsuit of the USA women’s equal pay

The past month of February the Selection Women’s Football the united States filed suit against the Football Federation of the united States and demanded $ 66 million for discrimination. The eternal struggle is due to USWNT requires equal pay, taking into account what is perceived economically, the representative men.

Megan Rapinoe, Carli Lloyd and Alex Morgan have been some of the leaders of this team and repeatedly have spoken out for equality and better conditions for women’s football. After the demand of February, US Soccer responded to the request of the USA Women’s and proposed a wage equality in all football matches controlled by the federation, however, was not what they had expected.

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Soon Carlos Cordeiro, who was then president of the Football Federation of the united States generated controversy by saying that “women are less qualified and have less demanding jobs than men.” Their words are not overlooked, and after this he resigned his position.

Judge rules against USWNT

In the last hours emerged information of the AP which ensures that a judge rejected the demand of the USA Women’s and the ruling was in favor of US Soccer when you consider that the argument of the USWNT to receive a salary lower that the men’s team is not sufficient to justify a trial. The reactions to this determination did not wait, and Molly Levinson, a spokesperson for the women’s team of football of the USA announced that the players will appeal immediately.