Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin share how was your first kiss


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are one of the most media partners of the planet. Both have managed to leave the past behind and, after many comings and goings, their relationship each day is more consolidated.

The model has become the cornerstone of the artist, helped Him when he went through a period very complicated of his life, and was there until when the artist is paying your bad luck with it, as the own Justin Bieber has been recognized.

But now the canadian is a new man. The wedding that took place a year ago was a before and an after in the couple, since their celebration was all the better. The artist is focused on her partner, and becomes to be too focused on his work as a singer, and even has planned to expand the family next to Hailey.

Fans of the artist they want to know everything about his relationship with Hailey Baldwin. One of the aspects they were unaware of the artist’s life was when she had had her first kiss with the model.

During an episode of the series ‘The Biebers On Watch’, the couple confessed to live, how was that encounter, and how they kissed for the first time. A meeting in which I had to cover the sister of the model, Alaia Baldwin.

“The first time that we kissed we were in New York and we went to dinner together. Oh we were just hanging out and we went to see a movie and we kissed!”, began to tell the model. “I was asked to go for sushi with him and I called my parents to peguntarles if he could go and told me not to. They refused absolutely, it was like ‘you’re not going to go out with Justin alone, that’s not going to happen’”he continued.

“My older sister covered me, and said: ‘Oh, yes, you are going to sleep in my apartment and everything will be fine’. Covered Me, go out to dinner and we caught him,” explained the model during the direct.