Karol G unleash new controversy derramarle milk over to Anuel AA


Karol G and Anuel AA continuing in the quarantine looking for things to do and now found nothing better than to ignite a new controversy that divided its fans to the most recent video shared on their social networks.

In the new grace that were published, Anuel appears simulating sex in what looks like a party on a boat. Does the auction? Karol G derramandole a large glass of milk on top.

“1 million comments and loose my album #EMMANUEL �� to Speak women, and without fear…. How many like him hechen milk in the face??”commented the singer in the text that accompanied the video.

Karol G and Anuel AA released from your quarantine the new song “Follow”.

The video was not long in viralizarse reaching more than 7 million views and 1.7 “I like it”, plus a few messages of approval.

Although on the other hand, his followers were divided by criticizing the couple, with comments such as: “Shit type’s disgusting and has no talent!”, “So many people looking forward to a glass of milk and these new rich dumping”, “Vulgar current $ does not give you education or class” and “Torque current”.

Check out the controversial video below:

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