Kate Beckinsale caught your pet in a complicated situation!


In the last few hours, the protagonist of the saga of the Underworld, decided to film one of their pets and surprise you in a particular place of the house. The same was lying in the bathroom sink, trying to sleep a nap. However, it was found by its owner and do not missed the chance to record it and surprise you with their presence.

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Even, trying to create awareness among their followers was that the model he decided to use this face mask, and ask the users to remain in their homes, trying to preserve your health from the pandemic coronavirus. However, these sweet posts are also a way to distract the attention of those who follow your day-to-day, because until a few weeks ago I was in the eye of the controversy by announcing his new loving relationship.

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Kate Beckinsale

The actress and model was related to Goody, Grace, a musician, a canadian, 22 years of age, with a long trajectory in the world of music. His major collaborations were with Blink 182 or the rapper Gnash. Or well-known the photos, where you saw them strolling through Los Angeles, she came out to respond to those who criticized harshly by the age difference in the couple. “It feels like a kind of political act, the fact of being a woman above the age of 32, that is having a good time. Men constantly make what they want and no one tells them anything. I choose to have fun,” he said.