Katy Perry reveals her advanced pregnancy in a beautiful bathing suit


Right after announced the pregnancy their first child, came the pandemic of coronavirus to the united States, so the situation changed to Katy Perry.

More than two months spent in quarantine with her fiancé Orlando Bloomuntil now, that came out by end of the isolation to visit with the actor for an exclusive California beach, according to some international media.

The singer did not hesitate in showing off their tummy’s advanced pregnancy wearing a bathing suit floral one-piece, while Bloom wowed everyone by appearing without a shirt to enjoy the sun.

Some followers felt that the protagonist of “The Lord of The Rings” has something of a belly, caused by the quarantine.

Meanwhile, the singer of “Roar” he came to the place with some dark sunglasses, a big hat and a basket picnic to spend the day with her future husband.

But one of the favorite characters of the postal captured by the paparazzi was your small furry pet, which appears in the arms of Perry.

Your support

The star will help to “Direct Relief”, a non-profit organization that will provide protection equipment to health staff that treats people that got the new coronavirus.

She wore a mask in his social networks that he had stamped “Daisies”, the name of his new song. The artist explained by a publication, that the proceeds from this merchandise will be used to an organization that fights against the COVID-19.

“Are you interested? It follows the rules of ‘Daisies’ promo. Supporting a charity worthy. Take a look at the link in my bio for the merchandising of ‘Daisies’, including this face mask, whose proceeds go to ‘Direct Relief’, an organization with headquarters in Santa Barbara, who coordinates with the public health authorities, non-profit organizations and businesses all across the united States and around the world to provide personal protective equipment and essential medical items to health workers to respond to COVID-19″, can be read.