Kelly Clarkson wants another child


2020-05-28 16:30:07

Kelly Clarkson wants another child, despite having previously said that they “would die” if I got pregnant for the third time.

Kelly Clarkson wants another child.

The creator of hits ‘Piece By Piece’ is already the mother of River, of five years, and Remington, of four, in addition to being stepmother of the two sons of her husband Brandon Blackstock from a previous marriage, but has said that it wants to expand her brood once more.

Speaking on his talk show as he interviewed the famous chef Gordon Ramsay, who showed it to his son Oscar, 13 months, during the chat, he said, “Oh, my God! Don’t do this to me. I want both other son, and my husband says: “No! We’ve got four!”

“You have a fever baby when you see them and you think, ‘Oh, weird, the legs plump and the smiley face’. ”

The desire of having another baby may be a surprise to fans of the singer of 38 years, as he had previously expressed their decision to stop having children.

Kelly even tied the tubes to avoid to get pregnant for the third time, while Brandon also underwent a medical procedure to make sure that it is not able to have children.

In 2017, Kelly said: “Oh God, those tubes are gone!!! That is a blasphemy. We don’t even speak of that. Both of us are fixed in our way, but even so probably will stay pregnant in any way.

“I always feel bad because I have friends who have difficulties becoming pregnant and I’m like the men, I have the worst pregnancies, it can’t happen again!”

And in 2016, Kelly admitted that he “would die” if I were to become pregnant.

She said: “everybody says, ‘Oh, you are tying the fallopian …’ No, they are gone. My husband, while I was pregnant, we agreed that it was going to be cut …

“We have babies magical together … Are amazing, but I have the worst pregnancies. Would die if I had to do it again. It was horrible”.

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