Kendall Jenner is seen with Devin Booker


Apparently Kendall Jenner have a weakness for players of the NBA, as this is not the first time that it is sentimentally linked with them.

From Blake Griffin up Ben Simmons, the may of the Jenner has gone and has been related in a loving way with players NBA. On this occasion, the model of the year is nothing more and nothing less than Devin Booker of Phoenix Suns.

This past Monday, Kendall and Devin were seen leaving the airport Van Nuys in Los Angeles, while the model was driving a pickup truck, Mercedes, worthy of the luxury of the family Kardashian.

Although until now has not confirmed the relationship of these two and say they are only friends, we don’t be surprised to know that Kendall conquered (once again) the heart of a player of the NBA.