Kim Kardashian launches her line of face cloths and breaks sales record


Kim Kardashian has given a lot of what to talk about during this quarantine. Not only for the daring photos in a bikini that gives its fans, but also because the famous entrepreneur decided to tackle the pandemic of COVID-19, and launched their line of face cloths.

The star of reality show do not lose the opportunity to do business and within your brand of girdles Skims, decided to make masks in all hues nude.

Kim has designed five types of masks are different. In accordance with the description in your page webare not medical, nor surgical, but help to reduce the risk of contagion.

They are made with a cotton fabric and do not have seams, which enables them to adapt more comfortably to the face.

Unlike their girdles-reducing hovering around US$30, the price of mask is$8 per unit, or they can also be purchased in a pack of four at a cost of US$25.

It seems that the new product of the pair of Kanye West it was a great success, as it sold all the stock just one hour after it is released.

“Unfortunately, our facial masks health made by SKIMS were sold out today, but we are working with our local partner in Los Angeles to produce more as soon as possible. Thank you for your support”, communicated the brand through your profile on Instagram.

It is worth mentioning that, the profits from the sales earned will be donated to organizations that are helping victims of the coronavirus as a Baby 2 Baby, Good Plus, the food bank of los Angeles and the Domestic Workers.

In addition, Kim has donated 10,000 masks to the same foundations to protect those working on the front line fighting the virus.

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Despite its good action to try to help in the pandemic, the daughter of Kriss Jenner he was not spared of criticism and some internet users accused her of racism.

Some followers of the entrepreneur noted that one of the models of descent is african american, he posed with a mask that is black in color, and the girls of lighter skin had face cloths in lighter tones, a fact that sparked a wave of negative comments towards Kim.

“The tone nude for the model black is inaccurate, offensive, and culturally misfit”, was one of the opinions I read on Twitter.

Kim is not the only member of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, who has joined the fight against the coronavirus.

Some weeks ago, Kylie Jenner announced that it would collaborate with a million dollars to help hospitals in Los Angeles, so you can buy face cloths and the necessary equipment to help patients.

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