Kimberly Loaiza prepares a charlotte of lemon from your kitchen to the vintage style


The youtuber Kimberly Loaiza he returned with a new installment of his version “Loaiza Cook”in your account Instagramwhere he shares with his large fanbase some easy recipes to make at home.

In these times of quarantine, users in networks have been entertaining cooking with his artists, such as Salma Hayek, Anahí and until the same cheerleader Andrea Legarreta, who also has been taught to do “hot cakes”.

Although I had several months without creating this type of content, the followers of the “cuteness” greatest received with excitement this resurgence in mode chef. It shows that it is a girl is very versatile, since it not only produces videos for fun, but also educational.

So it was that on this occasion, the singer revealed to his fans your recipe to make a charlotte of lemon, which he carried out in a matter of minutes. Although the artist stated that it was preparing a of lemon piea follower corrected her by saying that it was a charlotte of lemon.

These two desserts they differ in that the “pie” or “pie” is made with a dough of crushed graham crackers baked in the oven, previously, is then applied to the filling and finally put a meringue top. For its part, the charlotte is done with the cookies whole, and the mixture, are placed in layers and refrigerate.

The kitchen vintage Kimberly Loaiza

Kim and her family moved recently, then a few weeks ago, thieves are involved in their property and take money, jewelry and valuables.

Since then, the artist and her baby are staying in a temporary home from which he wanted to share this recipe. There we see that the current kitchen Kim has a vintage stylesince your cabinets are a mahogany colour with some stained glass windows.

Though the ceiling is of granite, the stove is an old model, that combined with the design of the rest of the kitchen. Until the moment, we do not know whether to stay in this house or you will return to your former residence, you can assured to feel insecure.

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