Kourtney Kardashian shows her support of Scott Disick after his controversial


The celebrity is still close to him.

Despite the fact that since five years ago they broke up Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick, still continues to form an important role in your family, and this is shown by the unconditional support that he continues to show despite of the adversities.

Recently there is a controversy around the figure of the presenter, who some months ago went through a difficult time in your life and the model went to help you.

Disick kept in the utmost secrecy his admission to rehabilitation, like the Kardashians but this was not enough to prevent filter media of this information and therefore the socialite mobilized in support of the father of their children.

This attitude of Kourtney Kardashian has done no more than feed the rumors about a possible reconciliation with her ex, who never really was his family.

This leak was so to Scott Disick to end his stay at the clinical center and, therefore, has sought refuge with the actress.

Another aspect to note is that it is rumored that the driver ended his relationship with Sophia Richie, so the last thing you need is to be alone and less in this situation, something that the sister of Kim Kardashian understand.

For now there is not much information about it and the only way to see you together, to the personality next to your ex, it will be from her reality show and hope that you can take in that relationship.

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