Kylie Jenner presumed her closet (again) and we keep feeling envy

Kylie bags closet

Kylie Jenner is enjoying the quarantine to the maximum. Has shared a little bit of everything, from her days in bikini, tiktoks reacreando the scenes most iconic of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the social experiment that he did with Stormi, tutorials with its products skincare and recently bragged (once again) their closet and we keep feeling envy.

The star of reality show is taking advantage of the confinement to to accommodate her large wardrobe. Through Instagram stories shared two pictures of the inside of your closet, to be exact, the accessories section. On one of the images that reach part of your collection of shoes and bags, Hermès and Prada wrote: “work in process”. Apparently, Kylie will accommodate your belongings by color.

bags Kylie

In the second picture we get to see another part of your bags Prada (including the new model of nylon), three Birkins and one of their handbags with the shape of a dollar one trillion signed by Judith Leiber.

closet kylie

This is not the first time (and probably not the last) that Kylie shares a part of their shelves accessories worthy of display. On previous occasions it has been hypothesized her extensive collection of Birkins in all sizes, materials and colors and also part of their handbags signed by Chanel and Louis Vuitton, this time left to see some of her bags, signed by Prada that we had not seen before.

Until now it has not shared the part of her clothes but we hope that this quarantine also is in charge of fixing it and share in their stories so that once again, we were the envy.

The last time that Kylie bragged about his closet of bags was in 2018. He shared a selfie from her wardrobe and the background appears your great collection.

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