Lady Gaga spoke about his tough battle against alcoholism –


On the eve of the launch of Chromatic, their new album, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, as is actually called, told of the struggle against his demons.

Four years later he published his last album, Lady Gaga (34) returns to the musical terrain with Chromatic, disk that also helped him to fight against his internal demons, ” said during an interview with the radio station Apple Music.

Gaga said that throughout this last work was raised to stop the drink, an addiction, until now, unknown to many fans of the artist.

“I’ve been flirting with the idea of embracing a sober lifestyle. I’m still not at that point, but I thought at several moments while recording the album”, he said.

“It is an option that arose while I was trying to find a way to continue working despite the physical pain that I constantly”explained “I do not take any pain medicine, because it is not healthy for me.”

He also said that his idea about giving up alcohol came while filming a song “911” that is centered on your experience with antipsychotics, medication that he took during a period of time.

“Part of my recovery process is based on thinking: ‘well, I can be very hard on myself each and every day for the fact that I am drinking, or I can choose to be happy and appreciate that I am still alive and working, and feel that what I’m doing quite well’. I am well enough. I am imperfect in a perfect way”said the also winner of a Oscar for best song for “Shallow” of the movie starring her in 2018 A star is born.

“I stopped smoking. He smoked all day while working on the disc. When we finished, we just left. It was the most strange and beautiful that could have happened. This music really healed me”.

For now give up the drink not in these moments within their priorities because he knows that failure to do so could fall again in the circle of hate itself.