Lady Gaga was declared an alcoholic and by now does not think to leave it


The singer Lady Gaga was recognized in a talk to Apple Music, with DJ Zane Lowe, who is an alcoholic and that this has to do with your anxiety and your “personal demons”.

“I’ve been flirting with the idea of embracing a sober lifestyle. I’m still not at that point, but I thought at several moments while recording the album,” he said, according to Clarín. He added that “it is an option that arose” while it was trying to find a way to keep working despite the physical pain that you are experiencing “consistently”.

However, as he admitted, giving up the drink is not among their immediate priorities. He said that quitting smoking has already been a great achievement, and who at one time intended to do the same thing with the alcohol. “Part of my recovery process is based on thinking: ‘Well, I can be very hard on myself each and every day for the fact that I’m drinking. Or I can choose to be happy and appreciate that I am still alive and working, and feel that what I’m doing quite well. I am well enough. I am imperfect in a perfect way’,” he said.

During the talk he spoke about the recording of their new album, Chromática, which will go on sale this Friday, may 29, and in which also participates Ariana Grande in the topic Rain on Me.